About Us

As kids, we both loved Pudding big time. It was one of our favorite snacks. As teenagers we grew to love protein shakes just as much. In our twenties, thirties, forties and now fifties we now eat and live on what we created over 10 years ago. “The MF Protein Pudding!”
Strategically “Pudding” the two together we created the greatest tasting pudding you’ll ever have in your mouth. 👅

This was not an easy task that happened overnight. Creating this Perfect Pudding took over a year to get it even barely right and delicious.
But now….
We do Pudding “Right” because of the hard work, the time achieving product perfection and our own personal money while performing human testing and analyzation for many years. We made our puddings with the intention of them being our own personal healthy meal and snack. Now we go above and beyond bringing you all that purchase them the best darn healthiest puddings in the world. Meal replacement or snack, you’re set.
Made by us, for us and now for you too. We love Musclelicious Foods!
We started Musclelicious Foods over 5 years ago because we saw a great need in the marketplace for a high quality unique function food meal replacement product with high protein. As the idea of our business started to evolve, not only did we want our company to reflect their values of sustainability and transparency, but we wanted to create products much like you would in your own kitchen – with meticulous care and responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients. So then our functional food we originally created and made for ourselves, we then started making for everyone that wanted it. You!
Our commitment to small-batch production doesn’t just stop with our premium, high quality ingredients. Unlike many products on the shelves these days, our products are not made in a food factory or funded by a large corporation. All products are handmade and produced by us and our talented local work force. And we only answer to ourselves and you, the valued customer. We are real people creating real, quality high protein foods. It’s as simple as that. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try our products, you should. Our Protein Puddings and Protein Peanut Butter Balls are like nothing you have ever tasted before. Most importantly, you can taste our originality… along with the love and care that goes into every single batch we produce.
We get asked many times throughout our days if we really do eat and love our MF meals and snacks with the passion we say we do and show.
Answer: Absolutely YES! We actually made our products for ourselves and just for ourselves over 10 years ago with no intention of ever making and selling our self created foods to anyone. Never expected this at all. That all changed when people at the gym, in public, etc. asked us what we ate to stay healthy and in fit shape all year round. We were able to get those same people samples of our Protein Puddings and Balls somehow and before we knew it, our world changed. The looks, reactions and astonishment in people’s faces when they had their first bite / spoonful was incredible. Word of mouth spread like a viral video in YouTube. Our world as we knew it suddenly changed. The orders started coming in and we knew what we had to do. Quit our full time jobs and make MF our full time life. We did and here we are. Our products are great because we make them ourselves to this day. They help to keep you on track when you’re craving something sweet. We got you covered in that. Also they are filling and filled with nutrition. You can eat 1 a day or however many you choose to eat per day. You decide. Just FYI: Cipriano eats 3-4 per day and Sharin eats 1-2 a day not factoring in the extras that are around each day we make them. The fringe benefits of our MF’n job. You can eat 2 per day throughout the day taking in a couple of spoonfuls when you’re feeling hungry or you may eat a full 16 ounce huge container for a full meal replacement. You decide how, when and where. Many people have and it’s helping them big time. Just like our protein puddings and balls have done for us. If you are ready to include MF into your duet, head on over to MuscleliciousFoods.com or out MF Store in Easton Pennsylvania and get ready to change your life with MF like our MF products changed ours.
Disclaimer: This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the MF’n truth. It does NOT get any more real than this folks. Cheat meals? Why? We have MF meals.
We live MF and live on MF. Period! 💯

Why You Need More Protein in your Life

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or both, adding more protein to your diet will always get you closer to your goal.

Here’s why:

Diets higher in protein lead to greater fat loss. One reason for this is because protein is filling. It satisfies hunger, naturally leading to reduced calorie intake. Protein is actually the most effective appetite suppressant. On top of that, it’s very difficult for your body to convert protein into body fat, even at very high amounts. That means you can eat a lot of it, feel more satiated, and still lose fat.

Protein has a higher thermic effect than the other two macronutrients, almost double in fact. In short, your body burns more calories digesting protein than it does with dietary fat or carbs. Eating protein is thermogenic and can lead to a higher metabolic rate. This means greater fat loss when dieting and less fat gain when overfeeding in order to build muscle.

Without adequate protein, muscle building is halted, strength gains are slow or even nonexistent, and athletic performance is hampered.

Protein is not only essential for building muscle, it’s also essential for preserving muscle and keeping your metabolism revved up. Without a steady supply of amino acids from protein, the body breaks down its own proteins from lean muscle in order to meet this demand. A diet higher in protein prevents this.

The lesson? If you want to get lean, get big, get strong, or dominate your sport or just look and feel good, there’s one simple rule that’ll help you achieve your goal: Consume more Protein!

Musclelicious Foods delivers you the best Protein and in the most delicious formats and delivery systems available.

Pudding and Peanut Butter!

Taken with lots of water throughout your day, you’ll be all set for healthy, delicious, filling and enjoyable meals.

Cipriano and Sharin Pereira have perfected this because we’ve been eating and always will eat our meals every day and have been for over 10+ years.

You cannot get better proof and assurance than that. We guarantee it!

Now that’s MF’n Good!

The MF Protein Rules of life.

At Musclelicious Foods, Cipriano and Sharin Pereira make sure that everything we make is 100% great!

We originally created MF Protein Puddings for ourselves to take to work and keep us away from the sugar filled junk. It worked for us and now it can work for you.

So MF’n good!

Great for all ages and to replace any meal time of the day or snack throughout your day.

Who creates and makes every single MF product from scratch and by hand, ingredient after ingredient at Musclelicious Foods?

Us two husband and wife machines. Not one spoonful of Pudding or Balls leaves our MF Kitchen headquarters without our taste test approval of absolute perfection.

Our Job Duties:

All Puddings / Administrative – Cipriano

All Balls / Administrative – Sharin

Every other job duty – Us again and our staff of 3 great people.

We do the work of about 16 people. You’d have to see it to believe it. Over 5+ years of nonstop hard MF’n work.

We are built for this. Always have been. We live for MF. It’s because of the Musclelicious Fuel we have every day.

If you’d like to know how and why we started MF. The answer is powerful passion, incredible life changing products and the will to never, ever quit! We’re not getting older, we’re getting smarter, stronger and wiser. Musclelicious Foods is coming your way very soon. This is our next dream goal. Thank you MFer’s.

Our model from the start was and still is two products. We stay in our lane! Check out our history on Instagram from the very beginning circa 2012. No one was doing what we do. No one!

It took us years to perfect and pioneer our Protein Puddings. It did NOT happen overnight. We put them to the test literally. Years of eating them before they were sold to the public. We proved to ourselves they work. Then somehow, someway they became a part of others lives. It wasn’t our intention, but we are blessed and over joyed that it happened.

Order at MuscleliciousFoods.com to see for yourself what we’re all about.

There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than knowing you were able to make

a positive impact on someone’s life, even if it was just one person.

We want to motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s all about the people we meet and the people we feed.

When you smile, we smile. 😊

The Musclelicious Foods Facts!

– Cipriano and Sharin  Pereira, Musclelicious Foods – Founders~

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