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mf Key Lime

Just Puddin’ the Word Out… It’s almost beach and party time! This summer refreshing, Lime-infused MF Protein Pudding has a creamy custard with a cake-like Sugar Free vanilla crème crumble topping. So rich and creamy! We are loving all things Key lime here at the Musclelicious Foods Kitchen and this MF Pudding is just another amazing addition to our incredible extensive Pudding Flavor list. This Key Lime Pudding flavor is very thick and rich, like pie filling. If you like any Key Lime flavored food, like Key Lime Pie, you WILL Love this masterpiece. Refreshingly smooth Key Lime taste, topped with sugar free vanilla crème graham cookie crumbles. You can’t help but think of sunshine while enjoying this vibrant, sweet, nourishing Musclelicious Pudding.

Your Delicious and Nutritious Meal Replacement or Snack.

Eat one huge 16 ounce MF container to replace a meal or snack on one throughout the day. You choose how you eat your MF Protein Pudding!

READY TO EAT! Allow us to meal prep your healthy meals, desserts and snacks. You’ll be satisfied and fortified.

No or very Low SugarGluten Free (see MF nutrition facts for some exceptions) – Lactose Free

Each 16 ounce serving of our Protein Puddings contain:





MF Protein Puddings contain 42+ grams of High Quality fast-digesting Whey Isolate and slow-digesting Casein Protein with a sustained-release amino acid profile that is designed to refuel and build lean muscle plus an increase in protein synthesis. Whey contains high levels of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, potent amino acids that stimulates protein synthesis that provides superior effects on muscle protein balance and building.

8.9 grams of naturally occurring BCAAs help muscles recuperate after strenuous exercise and may help reduce exercise-related muscle damage.

All MF Protein Puddings provide:

24 vitamins and minerals for daily nutrition

Antioxidants and Glutamine

Great source of Vitamin C

Excellent neutral pH alkaline levels

Convenient, great-tasting performance nutrition

Contains no banned substances.

Convenient. Just open the lid and eat with a plastic spoon.

Fuel that helps repair and recharge muscles.

42+ grams of the highest quality Protein we could have developed to help support lean mass and work perfectly in our MF Protein Puddings.

And the most delicious and nutritious, no or low sugar meal replacement or snack on throughout your day, The best tasting Pudding you’ll ever spoon into your mouth! With a healthy twist to it too.

Yes, you can eat the whole MF’n container! 1 to 2 a day is recommended. 1 to replace a meal and another for snacking on throughout the day and before bedtime.

Don’t just listen to us, ask around or check out our reviews on Instagram ID @MuscleliciousFoods and Facebook using user ID @MuscleliciousFoods.

You’ll be happy you did!

Oh. And every flavor is unbelievable. Choose your faves. You will not believe it’s real. The best Pudding you’ll ever taste. Gives any Ice cream, yogurt, frosting, etc. a run for their money. Order here now and you will see for yourself when you receive your MF Box.

We do Pudding Right!

In business since 2010.

Eating our MF Protein Puddings since 2000.

Now is your time! Go!

Musclelicious Foods ®

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