MF Protein Bars

$4.99 $3.99


**Introducing the NEW** ~MF Protein Bars~

Maximum of 4 MF Protein Bars allowed per order.

The new MF Protein Pudding Bars are unbelievably good!
Tastes like an MF’n Peanut Butter Crunch sandwich. As fast as we produce them, is as fast as they fly out our door.

*Please note: Maximum online purchase is 8 MF Protein Bars.
Must be purchased with at least 8-12 MF Protein Pudding or Protein Dough based products due to restraints in our shipping and packaging costs for perishables.

Please Remember: 8 MF Protein Bars may be purchased over the maximum order of 12 Protein Puddings, Protein PB Doughs, Crumbles and Balls.


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