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  • Minimum Order Quantity is 8 and Maximum is 12 of mf Protein Puddings and mf Protein Peanut Butter Balls, Dough’s and Crumbles to proceed to Checkout.
  • You may also add a Maximum of 4 mf Protein Bars plus a Maximum of 4 mf Protein Pudding Bars as well.
  • Flat shipping rates are $14.99 to East Coast, $24.99 to Central and $34.99 to to West Coast. Please add your shipping address at checkout to see what your shipping fee will be. 
  • The above mentioned are the total amounts of mf Products that fit securely in one mf Custom Cooler Box to ship! This includes ice packs, dry ice and packing materials for freshness and safe travels.
  • Each huge 16 ounce (2 cups) size mf Protein Pudding has at least a 2-3 week shelf life or more. Consume a full container in one sitting for a meal or snack on it throughout the day or even two days. Do what suits your diet best and fill yourself with high quality protein nutrition. The ‘Best By’ Dates are located on the bottom of each container. You may also Freeze them for longer shelf life. They will taste like a frozen Ice Cream or Frozen yogurt. In our opinion and many other people that freeze our mf Puddings, they’re even better than ice cream or frozen yogurt. And better for you too.

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Cipriano & Sharin Pereira – 100% mfer’s

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